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a venue to showcase talent the way it was meant to be -
Up Close and Personal.  


Patrons are encouraged to arrive prior to show time to enjoy
a pre- or post- show dinner in The Restaurant at The Raven!


If your organization would like to book the venue or
you'd like to inquire about showcasing your production, please email, using the Subject:  The Raven Theater.

Art credit to MK Hammerstein

Art credit to MK Hammerstein

Art Credit to MK Hammerstein

Art Credit to MK Hammerstein

Working with MKHammerstein, The Raven proudly presents, New Feathers

An invitation from The Raven, welcoming the cultured and creative to experience ground-floor, indie-entertainment from the award-winning & professional playwrights of Princeton’s Witherspoon Circle, showcased in the Raven’s newly refurbished stage setting, the Oak Room. With the goal of offering a collaborative creative environment, this series conceived and co-produced by Mandee K. Hammerstien, strives to provide personal experience and engagement, while encouraging an inviting forum for audience influence over new, theatrical works. Patrons will witness a variety play readings from edgy to outrageous, deranged, dark, delightful and everything in between.

2017 Shows

INSIDE OUT SYNOPSIS by Barry M. Putt, Jr.:

High-school senior, Ben, has a life filled with homework, marching-band practice, business club, and all the things his parents believe will lead to a standard, successful path in life. In the midst of all this, he discovers a newfound talent. His parents forbid it, leaving him torn between the pressure to make a living as a cookie-cutter citizen or risk it all to pursue his own track in life.

October 1st

ABOUT NEW WORKS SHORTS by Witherspoon Circle Members:

Providing theater enthusiasts a ground-floor, indie-entertainment view, New Feathers shorts by the Witherspoon Circle offers a window into a potential, full-length play.  Shorts presented offers a collaborative and creative environment between audience members and creatives, while encouraging an inviting forum for audience-influence over developmental theater.  This experience promises to deliver a variety readings from edgy to outrageous, deranged, dark, delightful and everything in between.

November 5th

ANGST SYNOPSIS by Greg T. Nanni:

The American Dream isn't dead. The youth are just lazy. Aman, who is among others your boss, your landlord, your traffic ticket, and your lost remote, will show you through the story of Bran and May just what it takes to achieve the American Dream. Or have them die trying. A comedy about an alcoholic drug dealer, a rich finger painting artist without a last name, a workaholic with 10 jobs, the ever-looming American Dream, and Aman, who shadows over them all.

December 3rd

The Premiere on August 6 - SOLD OUT!

The Premier featured six shorts from six fantastic authors
"Good Counsel" by Lisa Huberman
"The Big Kiss Off" by Michele Aldin Kushner
"The Forever Question" by James Christy, Jr.
"To Greatness!" by Greg Nanni
"Compelling Spencer" by Ian August
"It's Only Logical" by Barry M. Putt, Jr.

SECOND SHOW Sunday, September 10th Featured:

INTERVIEWESE:   By Award-winning Playwright, Ian August

The economy sucks, the job market is hell, and four women arrive to the lobby of Massil Technologies Incorporated to vie for the coveted position of Senior Accountant: Wilma Bluckle, a brainy introvert with an extraordinary memory; Janet Janet, the model of positivity; Beverly Weathers, an experienced ex-executive with ambition in spades; Poppy Szank, who may or may not have just slept in the wheel well of 747. A voice on the intercom reveals that the interview will begin in ten minutes, but as the women get to know each other, test each other, taunt each other, they begin to fear that the interview may never come. Four women enter--only one may leave with a 401K. Interviewese is an absurdist comedy about corporate ambition, ethics and morality, and the lengths that any sane person would go to for the perfect job.









The Raven Theater Policies

Age:  The events are for all ages unless otherwise posted.  All alcohol beverage service laws apply.  Our staff is trained to request photo IDs from all guests appearing 35 years or younger when purchasing alcoholic beverages.  
Minimum Purchase Requirement:  No minimum unless otherwise posted. Gratuities are not included.  
Seating:  Is assigned on a first come first served basis within categories beginning one hour prior to showtime.
Tickets:  All sales are final and Non-Refundable.