Where to go on vacation in the summer after quarantine: travel bloggers’ tips

Many are asking this these days, especially after the reopening of the regional borders from 3 June . While the regions are discussing the hypothesis of limitations to travel or measures to encourage tourism, the Italians go to the computer, reopen old guides and look at each other undecided.

Given the social distancing measures to be respected that make beaches and paths almost limited. We must think about safety and deal with the fear of new outbreaks that can block us for months away from home as already happened to many when the lockdown began. It has to be reckoned with the fact that the mask will be our favorite holiday companion this year.

It will be necessary to evaluate the virus protection policies adopted in the various countries and the restrictions on tourists adopted. He did discuss Greece ‘s choice not to open its borders to Italian tourists (followed by a backtrack). The Viaggiare Sicuri website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides all the updated information on the situation at the borders and on the measures against the virus adopted in the various states.

Short trips and in nature
35 out of 100 Italians will make short trips , with two or three overnight stays at most, staying close to home. 37 percent of respondents want to “immerse themselves in nature” or “stay outdoors” and 33% (plus 11 percentage points compared to April) will think above all of “resting”.

49% of those who will vacation will go to the sea. The preferences for the mountains are increasing , probably perceived as an open and therefore safer space, chosen by 23% against 18% in May 2019. 17% will choose a city of art. Only 15% of respondents will visit museums, monuments and exhibitions, compared to 37% last year. Afraid of enclosed spaces?

Travel bloggers tips
We asked Giorgia Fanari, travel blogger on La Valigia di Gio , for some advice on “strategic” places in Italy to spend these holidays. Fanari is one of the participants in the “Travel Blogger for Italy” initiative , the project with which 180 Italian travel bloggers raised funds for Emergency for the Covid-19 emergency and created the guide “Destination Italy. 270+ ideas for a trip along the boot ”to promote the relaunch of tourism in the country.

Our tips for organizing the perfect holiday

In a few precise points, our tips for organizing the perfect holiday from the choice of the place to the photographs that will remind you of it.

All the details to make your adventures around the world unique. We follow them like a mantra at every departure and have tested and improved them journey after journey.

1. Organize by yourself
Our tips for organizing the perfect holiday

Plan your trips by yourself. Today it is possible! Use the internet, explore the specialized sites, study the places on Google Earth , look at the images you find on the net, read the opinions of the people who have been there and then book everything you need. Strictly online . It is not necessary to dedicate who knows how much time, but you will learn many things and you will feel like a real traveler even before leaving!

2. Check the period, check the weather
Always check which are the best times to visit the chosen destination. In Miami you go in winter, in summer in Australia, whether you like it or not! And if you are planning a weekend , don’t rush. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and especially for the closest destinations try to book at the last minute, when you are sure that there will be sun and good weather. Maybe you will spend 100 euros more for plane tickets, but a weekend in Barcelona with blue skies will not be forgotten, while in the rain you will have a bad memory.

3. Be “up to date”
Keep up to date. Restaurants, clubs, hotels… in today’s world everything changes too quickly. If a friend recommends you a trendy lounge-bar in London where he had been a few months before, finding all the English jet-set stuffing themselves with tempura, first check it on the internet if it still exists and the evaluations: without checking place a newly opened Egyptian fast food . We tell you with good reason …

Years ago in San Francisco the “in” part of the city had “retired” in a short time of a few blocks, leaving our famous hotel in the midst of homeless people and a small cluster of Pakistani shops … Unforgettable experience, especially returning late in the evening!

4. Travel fast, live hard
Traveling fast, but of quality. It is a principle that few think about. It often happens that we budget many more days than we need, spending more and risking boredom.

5. Choose a good hotel stay:

Always stay at a good hotel specially choose the one which has the good ambience and interiors. Choosing such a hotel which has Good interiors can make your itenary a memorable one. If you are visiting India, then choose Hyderabad as many of the hotels interiors are handled.

Having fewer days available pushes you to be more active and not waste the time available, making everything more intense and full of emotions. That’s your home. If, on the other hand, you don’t waste your time, sometimes even a short walk around the hotel as soon as you arrive will give you the feeling of knowing the place forever. And if you can’t visit some place you care about, it will be a good reason to come back in the future and keep the desire alive.