5 interior design trends of 2021

2020 is akin to an adventure movie filled with unexpected plot twists. Ups and downs have accompanied us throughout the year. What advantages do interior designers in hyderabad see in 2020? Self-isolation has helped people re-establish the lost connection with their homes and apartments. Living in quarantine allowed the start of a long process of transforming housing into functional and beautiful spaces that reflect the owner’s individual history, experience and aesthetics. What’s next for us next year?

Experts from the online magazine Veranda shared valuable information about fashion trends in interior design 2021.

  1. Nostalgia

2020 was marked by an increase in interest in nostalgic notes in interior design, which can make homes cozier and more comfortable. Mid-century modern hasn’t lost ground yet, but in 2021 a revival of the 80s style and the spread of traditional decor is expected.   Interiors will be filled with sculptural furniture, rich colors, Laura Ashley-style buds and dramatic elements. Designer Mikel Welch goes further and predicts a 90s revival with green walls and arched windows (yes, yes, they are making a comeback).


“I think we will increasingly combine old and new, classic and modern,” says designer Thomas Jane. “I see our movement towards authentic, meaningful design that transcends trends or one particular style.”

  1. Natural motives

A notable interior design trend in 2021 is the pursuit of natural motives. Rattan and cane furniture has grown in popularity over the past few years, and the use of natural materials continues to be the basis of many brands’ collections. All this helps create layering in interiors and acts as an ideal accent for indoor plants.


  1. Striving for handicraft

Another interior design trend in 2021 is locally produced handicraft products. The industry is tired of commercially produced goods that are no longer relevant after a year or two. Today there is a growing demand for skilled craftsmen who create unique works. In the photo you see a house in Greenwich (USA), created by Miles Redd. The interiors are complemented by incredible custom curtains made by New York-based curtain manufacturer David Haag; the original shabby velvet upholstery of blue armchairs formerly owned by Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan. The works of the masters serve for many years, they become family heirlooms, not going to the dump with a change in interior fashion trends.


  1. Expressive walls

In 2020, people realized that life was too short. So why wait five years to varnish your dining room walls or bring a flashy print wallpaper that has attracted you for years?

Designer Marie Flanigan predicts that “designers and homeowners will stop avoiding interiors rich in color contrasts.” Deep rich red, floral wallpaper, rural murals will fill homes in 2021.


  1. Variety

The new interior design trend 2021 refers to creators of beauty. European studios and designers are always ready to offer the world a lot of interior concepts. In 2021, the industry will actively explore the work and art of people of different cultures and nationalities. Diversity paves the way for new and better ideas and innovations that will help create more comfortable and beautiful interiors.


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